Langebaan to Saldanha Downwind Dash 


Registration at Marra Square Langebaan

Thanks to Nick Lightbody of High Constantia Properties for sponsoring the Mara Square.

 (Ensure that your timing tag is on your arm and exposed. It is your responsibility to ensure that your race number is visible on your back.

If the finish judges cannot see the number, you will not be recorded.)

Please hand in your tag at the end point to receive your medal, if you do not hand your tag in you will be disqualified.

If you do not participate hand in tags at Kitelab Langebaan.

Rescue participants hand in tags at the rescue.

Date: 27 or 28 January 2018 (Depending on wind conditions otherwise on Sunday)
Registration:  27 January 2018  - Mara Square Langebaan 9:00 – 12:00 - (limited space) NO LATE ENTRIES
Time: Race start 14:00 - 15:30 (Depending on wind conditions)

We reserve the right to start as late as15:30 for Wind- and Kitesurfers and as early as 14:00 for Hobie cats

 14:00 - 15:30   Seeded Competitors, Kite-& Windsurfers, Beach Start Langebaan Main Beach    
 14:00 - 15:00  Hobie, Beach Start Langebaan Main Beach 
 14:00 - 15:00  SUP's & Surfski's - Langebaan Yact Club West of Skaapen Island between a start Yact stationed on the North Western side of
Skaapen Island and marker buoy positioned off the Island

End:  Saldanha Beach Sailing Club

 11:00:  Saldanha Beach Sailing Club

            Waiting for participants

Racing Vest (colours)
Hobie - Wind-, Kitesurfers &  Others - White and blue
Seeded - Bright Yellow
SUP's & Surfski's - Bright Orange

Prize giving
18:00 - 19:00 - Beach Club Saldanha

General Information:


The officials cannot watch everything that goes on at the start and in the water. If you see someone cheating, there will be protest forms available at the finish.

Prize giving and Lucky draw

On the beach, Saldanha Beach Sailing Club

A lucky draw will take place.

No prize money will be handed to winners before the prize giving, regardless of circumstance.

You will forfeit the prize money, prize / trophy if you are not present at the prize giving.

Miscellaneous arrangements

Extra Toilets/Showers: Available next to the club in the Caravan Park / Dial Rock Hall

Extra Parking: Available in the Caravan Park next to Dial Rock Hall

Recommended Accommodation

Saldanha Accommodation

Skipskop - +27(0)82 449 5033

LaCapitaine - +27(0)82 451 1548

Langebaan Accommodation

Windtown - +27 (0)22 772 1064

Friday Island - +27(0)82 640 9319

The Farmhouse Hotel - +27(0)22 772 2062

Kitequarters - +27 (0)82 554 1111