2013 Results

2013 Langebaan Downwind – Final Dash Results

The timing team have reviewed the finishing records and the results have been finalized.  The review highlighted some errors and unfortunately a few of the original results have changed as a result.

In the Ladies section, congratulations to Freija Oudshoorn who is placed 2nd and Caroline Hossack 3rd.   Sjouke Bredenkamp and Simone Swanepoel are now placed 4th and 5th respectively.   In the Windsurfing section, congratulations to Andrea Rosati who is placed 2nd with Matthew Swart moving into 3rd position and Alberto Mengatti 4th.

The Race committee offer apologies to all affected competitors.

The final results are now available below.

Final – Men Windsurfers

Final – Ladies

Final – Mens Kites

Final – Overall