Saldanha Beach Sailing club – early history

At the time that Windsurfers were starting to become available in 1984, Malcolm McGregor was a committee member of the Saldanha Bay Yacht Club. A number of the members, particularly of the younger generation, had acquired windsurfers and were keen to become proficient with these new sailing craft. Facilities at the SBYC were not ideal as launching and coming ashore on the concrete slipway was difficult, and the many yachts anchored in the bay made life difficult. With the support of the then commodore, Eckart Kramer, Malcolm proposed the establishment of sub-section of the club located on the beach. The proposal was approved by the committee and was then put to the members at a general meeting. The proposal was opposed by a number of the older members who thought that a large influx of dubious young members would not be beneficial to the club, and a motion for the establishment of the sub-section was defeated.

It was evident that there was still an interest from some SBYC members and other sailors who were not members, for the establishment of a venue on the beach where those interested in water activities could meet and enjoy their sport. A circular was drafted and circulated to gauge interest and it was decided to form a beach sailing club. At the inaugural public meeting, it was proposed to investigate the construction of a club house. With the support of the SBYC committee, the municipality was approached to provide suitable ground and the portion of ground at the Eastern end of the caravan park was obtained on a 25 year lease. Louis Bessenger was approached to draw up plans for a club house which could be sited on the ground available, and a cost estimate for R 55 000 was obtained.

Building of the club house would depend on the raising of funds, and the first Saldanha Double was organized with the main sponsorship of Sea Harvest and numerous prizes from windsurfing establishment in Cape town. The SBYC had been given a donation of Dolosse to stabilise the sea wall and some of this was left over and sold, the proceeds given to the SBSC. With these two injections of capital, building work started in 1985. Local businesses were approached and many of them gave cash donations or supplied goods and services at reduced or no cost.


Inaugural members

  1. McGregor family,
  2.  Weibel family,
  3. Steve & Lisa Binos,
  4. Johan van Zyl,
  5. Goedhart family,
  6.  Ralph Pina,
  7.  Harry Elcock,
  8.  Stephan Robson,
  9.  Arthur Ely,
  10. Charl Marais,
  11.  R Thomson,
  12.  Francois van Zyl,
  13.  Dru Sutton,
  14.  TP Pronk,
  15.  Andre du Plessis



  1. Broodryk Bessenger
  2. Swemmer and Levin
  3. Marley Flooring
  4. PG Glass
  5. Saldanha Bay Yacht Club
  6. Sea Harvest
  7. Coast Catamaran
  8. Saldanha Bay Canning
  9. Southern Sea Fishing
  10. Windsurfingafrica.
  11. Eigelaar AJF
  12. Saldanha Quarry
  13. Rabe Transport
  14. Unit Joinery
  15. SA Stevedoors
  16. Mouton Transport
  17. Bennetts Engineering
  18. Robcon Builders
  19. GD Cook Builders


Trip down memory lane. Some images of humble beginnings